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Promote Soft Tissue Healing


Reduce postoperative fibrosis and consequent scar adhesions in many operative procedures.


Rebate will be issued if the eligibility requirements are met as outlined in the executed Fulfillment Agreement


Paid by Medicare with an allowable of $400 per sq unit.

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About us

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Revive Biologix is committed to the importance of safe, high-quality tissue grafts. We offer exceptional services, resources, and offerings for patients and clinicians. Amniotic Tissue is used as a protective wound barrier providing an antimicrobial, growth factor-rich healing environment. Promotes native tissue repair by minimizing fibrosis, reducing inflammation, and maximizing patient comfort. Revive Biologix supplies tissues from human donors that are used in a growing array of clinical applications positively affecting lives across the United States.



Revive Biologix has strict guidelines to ensure that its customers’ information is safe and HIPPA compliant. We verify insurance with the proper documentation, then we provide an authorization code that can be used by recipients in order to obtain verification of eligibility for coverage under HIPAA regulations or other legal requirements regarding healthcare privacy issues.

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